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Welcome to Laurie Grant Seminars

Spiritual Leader, Maa URI (Laurie URI Grant), Kahuna Ho'okahi, has been an internationally known spiritual, healing, and metaphysical teacher for over 40 years. In 2003 URI went into Non duality Oneness called "the highest state of human consciousness". Mother URI, meaning You Are I, is now a full embodiment of The Divine Mother and her mission is to help people remember that they are One with the Divine and can live a life filled with Love and Peace. Having reached this state allows Mother Uri to better facilitate her students reaching this state.

URI (pronounced oo ree) is the middle part of Laurie and represents her main foundation of teaching U (YOU) R (ARE) I. Meaning We are all One.

Maa URI discovered ARCH (Ancient Rainbow Conscious Healing) back in 2000 and has been called the "Healing modality of the millennium."

More About ARCH

Maa URI founded 4 different series of seminars along with many different teleseminars and mini workshops. The 4 different series are: ARCH (Ancient Rainbow Conscious Healing), I'O, Infinite Oneness Enlightenment, Cosmic Source Healing and Kaula (Hawaiian word for Seer or Profit) - these classes are all intuition building certifications and are powerful tools to use along your spiritual path to help yourself and others. All of her courses have the opportunity to be life changing.

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If you are interested in taking ARCH, we have several well trained teachers throughout the country. Please visit "ARCH Teachers".

Maa URI's (Laurie Grant) Daily Divine Oneness Healings and Blessings

Everyday, twice a day, Mother URI sends her Divine Awakening Transmission to all people on Earth to help them heal themselves and bring their minds, bodies, and spirits back to Oneness. Know that you are receiving that energy and allow yourself to receive it.

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Each day Mother URI also sends a special Healing to her Oneness Ohana (people on her email list). To receive a daily 2nd healing and our occasional email newsletters, please enter your email below.

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Master Teacher Maa URI,

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